Pet Overpopulation

Does it really need to be said?

Who, at this point in history, needs to be told to spay/neuter their pets?

You might be absolutely surprised.  On a routine basis, I meet people who ask me if they think it would be a good idea to let their dog have a litter or two.

Here is my shortest post in history.

  • There are currently too many dogs.
  • Of the people who will take a puppy, how many of them do you think will actually be ‘good’ homes and not ruin a good puppy from misinformation, lack of time or money, loss of a home, loss of a job, moving, having a baby, etc? Not many people are truly prepared and knowledgeable to raise a puppy well and keep it for life. The, now-grown, not-so-cute-anymore, has-issues ‘pup’ now sits in a shelter. The stats are not in the dog’s favor at this point…no matter what line of champions a dog is purported to come from.
  • Millions sit in shelters; millions are euthanized daily. Are we comfortable with the intentional death process? I’m not. It is a reality. How about just spaying/neutering?