Pop Training Quiz

Question: What is the optimal length of time to spend at a park practicing eye contact games with a dog that reacts to anything that moves, using squirrels as distractions?

Correct Answer: Until a kids’ summer camp arrives.

Run like you mean it.


3 thoughts on “Pop Training Quiz

  1. Aha! I can count on Nan to laser in and refine. Though, in fairness, I just took them to the quiet Presidio park for a walk and to hang out under shady trees out away from our hot house. Took treats with me and was looking for anything to reward or work on while I exercised out there with them. I forgot that Presidio has wild ‘n crazy squirrels zooming around. It was a good test. Ranger responded easily to “look at me;” Teddy was in outer space.

  2. Alternative answer: None, as distraction work should be done in a controlled, low distraction environment adding more and bigger distractions in that environment until the behavior is rock solid, and then in a slightly more distracting environment with a series of distractions until… repeat, repeat, repeat.

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