Cute, Amazing Things You Wish You Had on Film

Chai, a very handsome, smart, and rowdy husky puppy (that might have been redundant) went to the dog park with Ranger today. They had a ton of fun.

One of the most intelligent(?) or at least one of those things I never get tired of is Ranger when he understands what I want.  He just “gets it” even though I haven’t ever formally tried to train this.  Caveat: It’s not always reliable, but when he does this behavior, it is invaluable.  Might have something to do with spending so much time together that I can sort of point and suggest things and he guesses pretty well.

The park is enormous and Chai (6-mo. old puppy) went happily bounding off , to play with a group of dogs. More dogs were coming in, and I wanted to kind of help him not get caught up in a dog drama. Wasn’t critical (or I would have been over there myself) but, just trying to stay one step ahead of the predictable.

Ranger was happily cuddled up next to me. I touched him, pointed, and asked “Will you go get him?” He checked in with me and I encouraged him, “Yah, will you go get him?” and pointed again.  Yep, he understood and didn’t get distracted. He ran across to the end of the park and engaged the puppy in play and then teased him all the way back to me.

If you’re not really watching, those behaviors are really easy to dismiss or overlook, but I’m always impressed and fascinated. Yes, Ranger looks to be partially a herding breed of some type, but he really doesn’t generally exhibit herding behaviors, except an occasional classic stalking pose when something intrigues him.

The other behavior that is pretty close to this is that I can point to an object (say at the beach) and ask, “Ranger…take it.” He will look in the general direction that I’m pointing to and trot out and start to look around. When he gets near it, I can usually say, “Yep, that’s it. Take it.” He’ll pick it up and I can usually say “Bring it” and almost always, he’ll bring it back to me (or at least pretty close).

Love that.

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