Looks like it’s about time for a new post lest Word Press thinks I no longer exist and, well…just for fun.

I’ve been making up my own little recipes for refreshing little keep-them-busy-for-awhile treats. I’m sure you can think of your own, but here’s what I do.

Meat-based broth: Chicken or Beef (or whatever). I’ve been using boullion cubes and just follow the directions for making a cup or two.

I vary the sizes of my molds. Originally, I started with a commercial, giant-sized form so that all the neighbor dogs could come over and try some, but quickly found that the idea was a mess and that I just never knew when the dogs would be around.

So now I just use various sized plaxtic containers. If I’m making a mold for my dog plus another or two, I will use a sandwich sized container. For my own dog, or for two dogs who could argue over who “owns” it, I use my ice cube trays to make their own individual pops.

Once I make the broth, I pour it into a mixing bowl and just start adding bite-sized pieces of things. Have leftover treats? Toss ’em in.  Ingredients I have tossed in (chopped or broken small, except for toys or chews):

cheese, cooked meat, Natural Balance dog roll, chicken and duck strips, dog cookies, rubber toy. The great thing about mixing up heavy (sink to the bottom) and light (biscuits–float to the top) is that your dog is pretty much guaranteed a surprise throughout and may sit and work on his pupsicle until the end.

The broth is just a little tastier than water and the whole thing is not too calorie laden, unless you’re really overdoing it.

After stirring it up, I just “set it and forget it” as they say. I pour the mixture into my molds, let ’em freeze and then pop them out and store them in a container in the freezer. Dog needs something to do?  Pull one or two of these out and now you’re Super Mom!

Have fun and add some more ingredient ideas in the comments area.

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