Nifty Solution Alert

If you can imagine (since I live in my dog business shop) it is a daily struggle to keep things clean and free of fur.

Until now, I’ve been using large shag throw rugs that are comfortable for the pets but murder for me to maintain.  One urinary incident requires me to treat the spots and take them to the laundry mat–and it’s not so inexpensive. Then I have to air dry them which can take at least one really good sunny day.

Today, on Easter Sunday, I cruised around Big Lots! for an afternoon activity. I found a whole new idea I hadn’t thought of before: Anti-Fatigue mats. The particular mats I found were supposed to look very uptown in a stylish kitchen. (Though, I think if you did have a very expensive kitchen, these might not be so impressive looking.)

I guess people  buy them to stand on when they have to stand for long periods of time  while cooking and whatnot. Groomers buy them, but they usually come in colors that are so wild that they can wake you up in the night.

These, however, are chocolate brown with a basket weave texture. They have about a 1″ foam padding and are sturdy (not likely to get ripped), wipeable and non-slip! I love them. Ranger likes them.  They cost $19 each.  I got the last two. I will be scavenging for 3 or 4 more. Heck, I might even actually use one in my kitchen!

No more worrying about my dog eating a raw bone on something that isn’t easily sanitized. Cool to sit on in the summer and if I want to add a little extra cush/comfort/warmth, I can just toss fuzzy pad, towel, or blanket over the pad.  Pet fur or dog accidents? Piece of cake: Just wipe pad and toss the light covering in the wash.

Neat! Especially since I’m not one of those types who usually comes up with the  super ideas. 😀

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